Why CAAAThough the GFC appears to be all but over, the economic outlook in Australia and globally is constantly changing. One minute the experts predict a return to the better times of old and the next update brings doom and gloom for certain industries. The only thing we know for certain is that uncertainty is here to stay. This has caused many business owners and directors to review all areas of their business performance, including of course, finances, cash flow and all elements of expenditure. What’s surprising though, is just how few businesses have received proactive, up front advice, support and guidance from their accountants at a time when it was needed most. At Commercial Associates we see and do things differently to the majority of accountants.

We recognised that some of our clients (even if they did not realise it themselves) were desperate for help. That’s why we provided immediate short, medium and long term help for them to overcome the difficulties. As a result, they have avoided many of the negative impacts of the recession and are now looking forward with renewed strength, lower overheads, improved profitability and long term strategic goals in place.

As a new client, you will receive a full, detailed and holistic assessment of your circumstances upon engagement in a process we call the CAAA360. This ensures you receive the services, advice and connections you require to achieve your goals.

How would you answer the following statements?                                                                True  or   False

  1. I haven’t changed my accountant for more than 5 years
  2. Most accountants think the same way and do the same things
  3. My accountant is more interested in last year’s accounts than future planning
  4. My accountant has never talked about ways to help me increase profits
  5. I have no plans for selling the business for my retirement
  6. My accountant never calls me to discuss how the business is doing
  7. I never talk to my accountant about my ideas
  8. My accountant never asks me tough business questions
  9. When times are tough I never see my accountant
  10. My accountant uses so much jargon I find it difficult to understand him
  11. I never know what my accountant will charge me

If you answer ‘True’ to any of the above statements, get in touch today and discover what today’s ‘new breed’ of accountants can do for you and your business.

Even better, why not take a look at our free report outlining 11 Reasons to Review Your Accountant (And 5 Things to Ask When You Do).

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