In today’s society, there are many reasons, that all seem valid (at the time) that we chose not to exercise enough and look after our bodies. Being a mum and balancing motherhood, business, family and career whilst pursuing an additional university degree, I would say I am one of the most time poor people in my circle of influence – and guilty of making these excuses from time to time.

Exercise however has many benefits other than weight loss, it reduces the risk of disease such as heart attack, lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduces your blood cholesterol level, maintains lower blood pressure, increases strength in bones, muscles and joints and most importantly makes you feel good!

Therefore, here are some reasons to ditch the excuses!

Excuse number 1: I don’t have time

Yes, we all say it, think it and are pretty good at convincing ourselves that this is actually true (yes, I see you nodding!). However, a 1-hour workout is actually only 4% of your whole day! There are plenty of creative ways to weave this into your day, and you will be surprised at how much it will actually boost your energy levels and make you feel better for doing so!

Excuse number 2: I can’t afford it

Did you know that on average a coffee per day at your local coffee shop works out to be roughly $1274 per year? If you live in Sydney you would probably add a 10% inflation on that, but that is a whopping $106 per month spent on coffee! Now, let’s add in that lunch you have once a week with friends at the pub, say $20, that’s not really all that good for you, and there you have roughly $180 a month in money that could be spent getting your body and mind fit and healthy.

Most importantly though, exercise doesn’t have to cost a thing! Trade your lunchtime chat, your weekly pub lunch or your TV time for a walk or run in the fresh air outdoors and you are already on your way to a healthier you, without breaking the bank.

Excuse number 3: I’m not into exercise, but I like trying new diets

If there is one thing I have learnt, it is that fad diets are just that FADS. They don’t work simply because they are not sustainable in the long run. You can cut out carbs and fats and in some cases food altogether and drink lemon juice for a week, but once you start eating normally again you are back at square one. Your body is a temple, and it’s about time you started treating it that way. The best way to fuel your body is with nutritious healthy options, good carbs (yes, there really is such a thing) and protein. A balanced diet will consist of slow release carbohydrates(carbs) such as oats for breakfast, healthy morning tea, lean protein and complex carb such as sweet potato or brown rice with plenty of greens for lunch and a protein and vegetable based dinner.

Excuse number 4: Cardio is all I need to lose weight

Cardio is a component of losing weight, but did you know that weight training actually burns more fat and for longer? Neither did I until I started weight training! The fact is the more muscle that your body is made up of, the more fat you burn – in many cases even after you have stopped exercising!

If any of the above sound like you, then now is a great time to spring into action and do your body a favour. Let’s make 2020 about kicking goals at work, but also make your health and well being a priority.


Marina Firth is a Director at Vision Personal Training Kogarah & dedicated Marketing Manager at CAAA. 


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