July 18, 2018


CAAA joins the fight against Cancer with new fundraising partnership

Sydney – CAAA is set to strengthen its community support announcing a partnership with OUTRUN CANCER supporting their proactive research initiative in the fight against cancer. The agreement which commenced as of 9 July, 2018 will see the firm provide fundraising assistance and create awareness of their programs through support at events, campaigns and online presence.

A key objective of the partnership for CAAA will be to support OUTRUN CANCER in spreading their message ‘prevention is better than cure’, and aiding the research to help make this a reality. OUTRUN CANCER was founded in 2011 by Luca Turrini, who after losing a family member to cancer decided to combine his passion for running marathons to raise funds for cancer prevention. OUTRUN CANCER vision is to win the race against cancer by not being affected by it in the first place.

Cancer Australia has estimated that approximately 138,321 cases of cancer will be diagnosed by the end of 2018, with 48,586 of those cases resulting in death. This gives a survival rate of approximately 68%, a number that OUTRUN CANCER together with CAAA hope to see rise in the near future.

OUTRUN CANCER ( ) organises corporate running events, raising funds for innovative cancer prevention projects and programs with national impact. The funds raised, over $850K to date, go towards specific and innovative cancer prevention projects and awareness campaign with a focus on physical activity and diet, like the Healthy Lunchbox website and Our Kids Our Call Campaign. The partnership is a result of an alignment of values, and a desire to support innovative cancer prevention projects and programs with have national impact.

In a statement, Khurram Jivani, Director CAAA said, “”This is an important and unique initiative. We as a firm decided to support Luca and his mission with OUTRUN CANCER as we were impressed with his proactive approach to fighting a disease that affects so many Australians and people around the world”.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Commercial Associates Accountants and Advisors. We started small but we dream huge; it is a marathon not a sprint. Just like working with a running coach, CAAA support and expertise will help us get there, one step at the time.” Said Luca Turrini, OUTRUN CANCER Founder.


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