Operating-leaseAn operating lease is a finance option that works well for equipment that depreciates quickly, has a short life span or is constantly in need of upgrading. It’s similar to a finance lease but, gives you more flexibility.

You might have also heard it called a rental agreement, rental, fully maintained operating lease or non-maintained operating lease.

How do they work?

We purchase the equipment and rent it to you for an agreed payment over a fixed term.

You get to use the equipment without the hassle of disposing of it at the end of its life. It’s like renting your equipment over a fixed period.

What sort of business equipment do operating leases best suit?

  • Computers
  • Telecommunications
  • Office equipment

What are the benefits of operating leases and rentals?

  • Upgrade, add and replace – make changes to your equipment throughout the contract
  • You keep your capital – no deposit required and we pay 100% for the equipment so you don’t need to tie up your funds
  • Less risk – because you don’t fork out a huge payment to buy the equipment
  • Short or long term contracts – from 2 to 5 years
  • Easy budgeting – fixed rental and interest so you always know what you’re up for
  • Tax advantages – 100% deductable when used solely for business
  • We pay GST – so you’re monthly payments are lower

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