Registered Office

The office you have when you don’t really have an office?

All companies big or small have a registered office, even those companies strictly serving family interest or operating from home.

Section 124 of the Corporations Act 2001 governs this area of law and stipulates that all companies must have a registered office, being a fixed physical address where communications and notices can be sent to the company.

Your registered office serves as a guaranteed access point to your company for the outside world with respect to the delivery of communications and notices. This can include legal documents, summonses, visits from the authorities and many other time sensitive matters.

Generally speaking, any document delivered to your registered office is deemed to have been delivered or served on the company, and many a legal matter has been defeated due to out of time responses, where documents have been served to an address that is no longer connected to your affairs (often a long lost accountant or lawyer) or being actively managed as a Registered Office.

  • Do you know where your registered office is?
  • Is the office attended daily to ensure the timely production and delivery of notices?
  • Is the office open and accessible to the public during business hours?

So the next time you review your ASIC annual return be sure to check the details of your Registered Office or call us for help.

Commercial Associates currently assists over 3000 companies maintain their registered office in compliance with the corporations act for a modest annual fee of $360+GST*

*Pricing effective 1st April 2015