Over the last few weeks as we have changed and adapted the way we do business, events in many cases have been one of the first things business owners have had to cancel. If you can relate to this, it’s time to change your perspective and view this as an opportunity to engage your clients – online.

Virtual events actually have a few advantages over traditional in-person experiences. The elimination of travel expenses opens up your event to people who might not otherwise been able to attend. You can also enjoy fewer capacity restrictions for attendees without having to worry about dietary requirements for catering.

Here are some ideas to turn your next online event into a viral success:

  1. Reach for the stars

Have you ever hosted an event, but couldn’t match the budget for a speaker you really wanted? Well, the good news is that travel and accommodation fees are out, and speakers are able to appear from virtually anywhere. A great speaker is a must for attracting a good audience and gaining interest. Reach out to those who normally may be outside your operating budget or who have schedules that normally wouldn’t accommodate.


  1. Invest in your production

While catering and venue costs don’t apply, you will have a much more successful event if it appears professional. Use a studio or a well set up, lit room with no outside noise and ensure you have the technology necessary. Check that your network can support the event you’re hosting and that you have the bandwidth for the number of attendees you anticipate. When Salesforce turned its annual World Tour conference into a virtual event, registration increased by 23% compared to the traditional on-site showing, and views skyrocketed.*

  1. Interact & engage

Speaking in front of a crowd is tough. Remember the advice you got on your first big speaking debut – imagine the audience is in their underwear? Well, in this case your audience is in their pyjamas or tracksuits at home on the lounge so make sure that you as a speaker are not only engaging with your topic of conversation, but also use tools such as polls and quick questionnaires to make sure you don’t lose momentum with your audience.

  1. Make it snappy

This is perhaps the most important point. You need to remember that your audience attention span is now limited by distractions around the house, kids and other background noise, so make sure your message is loud and clear – and to the point. That doesn’t mean you can’t cover the same amount of information — you’ll just need to break it up into easily digestible pieces. In some cases, it may be easier to break up one long talk, into several online ‘episodes’.

Going virtual with your events is an opportunity to re-imagine and expand your audience. For more ideas on engaging with your clients, speak with your CAAA Commercial Concierge today.




*Forbes data

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