Looking to pick up smart, low rate business loan to:Forklift-finance

  • Buy your first forklift?
  • Upgrade to a new forklift?
  • Add more forklifts to your fleet?
  • Find a better loan than your current one?

Why choose us as your forklift finance partner?

Our forklift finance experts will:

  • Meet with you at your workplace to find out what you really need
  • Grill the banks and financial institutions to get you the best possible rate in the market
  • Explain the different finance options in straightforward language

And the financing we organise for you will give you:

  • Better tax and GST advantages
  • Easy to manage cash flow benefits
  • Flexible payment options

In other words, we do all the leg and paper work – to save you lots of the time and money.

We know forklifts

At CAAA, we put together forklift loans for SMEs all across Australia – from manufacturers to builders, warehouse operators and more. We can help you too.

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