In these difficult times, you may find your business slowing down and sales harder to come by. Given this trend, establishing and maintaining connections with existing and potential customers have become more important than ever. Here are some simple tips to help you step up your marketing game:

1. Strengthen your social media presence

With the extended lockdowns and social distancing rules in place, it is the perfect time to amplify your online presence via social media. Create posts on a regular basis to update on new products or special offers. Be transparent and let them know what steps you’re taking to keep your customers and employees safe.

2. Offer gift certificates

Consider offering gift cards or certificates, which can be used at a later date. If your website platform has the capability, you can also add digital gift cards, which they can buy for themselves or as a gift. Just make sure that you have a reliable system to track payments.

3. Focus on existing customers

Getting new clients might be more difficult and time-consuming in times of crisis. With this, you might want to tap into your existing customers for more sales. Be proactive and communicate with them to build a stronger relationship and customer loyalty.

4. Infuse empathy into your marketing communications

Use empathy in your marketing communications to connect with customers and prospects during tough times. Remember, this isn’t just about a sale – you want to build relationships with your customers. Look at your marketing strategy and assume you are walking in their shoes. What benefits or value would they be looking for at this present time? Focus on their needs and wants in the current climate.

5. Offer flexible payment options

As most people are tightening their belts due to the impacts and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, you may find your customers cancelling or holding off on their purchases. Overcome this by offering flexible payment terms with no interest, no payments for 30 days, price discounts, and similar offers.

These tips are not magic bullets, but are definitely worth considering. If your business is struggling, contact your concierge for focused business guidance and advice tailored to your unique situation.


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