A specialist division

Wong and Mayes, headed by Silas Chan and Martin Thompson, joined forces with CAAA to form a specialist division in early 2018. Since 1976, Wong and Mayes have delivered valuable advice and services to clients in Australia and abroad specialising in business advice & services, accounting and taxation. Wong and Mayes were the first firm to be able to offer these services to the Asia Pacific Market.

Asia Pacific Business Experts

The emerging economic strength of the Asia Pacific region means that more companies are making it a priority to do business in this area.
CAAA Wong and Mayes help Australian Businesses and Investors to do business in China and Hong Kong, and for those businesses abroad to do business in Australia.

CAAA Wong and Mayes is comprised of a team of tax professionals and advisors to help you find the opportunities for business growth in this diverse region, while avoiding the challenges of the regions various tax and regulatory systems, bringing you a wealth of local and regional experience relevant to you and your business to help you set up and grow.

How can CAAA Wong and Mayes help you?

CAAA Wong and Mayes can help you structure and position your business to your best advantage, assist you with strategy to build its value, manage risk and increase the effectiveness of your key business operations here or abroad. We work closely with you to identify growth pathways that maximise profit and efficiency, and minimise and manage risk.

We deliver across all spectrums of professional accounting including, taxation, accounting, auditing and business advice and services, with a dedicated team of professionals that are able to communicate in both English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Our extensive list of services include:

  • International Tax
  • Global Transfer Pricing Services
  • Global Indirect Tax Services
  • R&D Tax Incentives
  • Value Chain Management
  • Deal Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions Tax
  • Global Mobility Services
  • Trade & Customs
  • Global Compliance Management Services

To speak to one of our consultants today, ring us on 02 8245 0600Contact us for more information and find out how we can help your business!