CAAA, named the second fastest growing accounting firm by the Australian Financial Review has announced the appointment of 4 leadership roles in their Sydney Office

CAAA’s Human Resources, Business Taxation and Operations Departments have appointed new lead roles putting the firm on the map to become the fastest growing accounting firm in Australia 2019. The new Senior Leaders have seen the firm even out the percentage of female senior staff, with a healthy 35% ratio represented by females on the leadership team.

The Firm achieved high growth in 2018, in a statement Fleming Stojanovski said, “Our growth thus far is partly the result of the leadership team recognising that the market and our clients are looking for a more holistic service. We recognise that to achieve our target of being the fastest growing accounting firm, we need to work towards some big targets. Our new hires are the first stage of transforming our operations model into a financial concierge. This will enable us to deliver high value to our clients, beyond the expectations of a typical accounting firm”.

The new positions announced are:

Joanne Pappas, Associate Director

Fiona Tindal, Chief Operations Officer

Barbara Townsden, Human Resource Manager

Kiralee Kennaway, Group Accountant



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